TypeZero: Healthcare Consumer App

 Role: User Experience Design, Interface Design, Data Visualization, Visual Design 

About the Project: TypeZero, a healthcare startup, created a new smart technology to aid in the management of diabetes. My role was to collaborate with TypeZero’s team to incorporate the features and functionality of their technology into a beautiful, powerful, and cutting-edge consumer app.

typezero prediction screen

Project Goals:  Implement TypeZero technology into a user interface. Create a user experience that reduces the friction and burden of moderating diabetes. Create a user experience that instills trust in the technology and reduces patient interference. Create a cutting-edge, innovative user interface and visual design to put TypeZero on the map as a key player in diabetes technology and attract investor attention.

typezero information graph2

type zero user journey2

typezero meal input3

type zero stylestypezero styles 2