icitizen: Civic Polling Platform

Role: Product Strategy, UX and UI Design

Project Goals: icitizen is a product startup looking to revolutionize civic communication between leaders and constituents through providing insights and analytics that help increase understanding and drive decision-making. My role was to design a polling and analytics platform that would enable our clients (elected officials and leaders of organizations) to connect with their constituents, create polls, and analyze the data from those polls. As a brand new platform and part of a new revenue-generating initiative, my work began from the ground up. Deliverables included the creation of archetypes, taskflows, Information Architecture, wireframing, and prototypes. Below are some of the outcomes of the work I did over the course of the year.


The Dashboard Overview Page

Goal: Provide a home-base for the Dashboard that allows a user to quickly view the most important or relevant data and function as a portal that connects users to more information deeper in the dashboard. We accomplished this by providing a page with an aggregation of top-line data that evolves with the product usage. We used contextual links to facilitate further actions, such as poll creation and browsing analytics.


Dashboard Lifecycle Modules

Goal: As the user interacts with the product – creates polls, becomes a subscriber, and interacts with their constituents – the dashboard needs grow to reflect those advancements. The modularity of the dashboard allowed for new modules to be added as the user interacts and to surface the most relevant modules to the top.


The Poll Builder Tool

Goal: The primary feature that facilitates communication on icitizen is polling. icitizen clients (elected officials and leaders of organizations) needed the ability to create a poll on-platform and distribute it to their network or constituent base. The poll-builder needed to be intuitive enough for a layman, but include advanced features such as weighting settings and targeting. We accomplished this by using in-line editing wherever possible and info-tooltips to provide assistance in context.




Data Visualization and Analytics

Goal: Once the client created a poll on icitizen, they needed a way to analyze the results. The analytics needed to be spliced by demographics as well as geography, as well as be viewable on mobile devices.




UI Styles & Patterns

Goal: In order to accommodate for all of the variables that might exist within a data visualization, it was necessary to create UI styles. The goal was to give the development team a series of rules that would accommodate the many variables.